2Thick 2CM Pavers

2cm thick grey outdoor pavers floor tile from italy stone look backyad seamless transition

2thick® 2CM tile collection is a versatile and comprehensive floor covering, capable of creating a seamless continuity of surfaces between indoor and outdoor spaces. Its range of products reinterprets, through the 2CM thick pavers for outdoors, eight of the Unicomstarker ́s most successful collections:


  1. Arenite 24×36a (NEW)
  2. Board 24×36so (stone look)
  3. Brazilian Slate 24×48a (best selling stone look)
  4. Debris 24×48so (concrete look)
  5. Heritage 24×36a (concrete look)
  6. Icon 32×32so (concrete look)
  7. Marwari 32×32so (stone look)
  8. Wooden 16×48so (wood look)

a Active and stocked 2CM
so Special order 2CM


Available in 36 colours and 16×48, 24×48, 32×32, and 24×36 formats, 2thick® has been conceived to satisfy any artistic requirements and provide the design solutions for contemporary designers.


The interior tiles offer 50-60 formats ranging from 0.5″ to 48″ including grip finish, decor, and special order items as well as many layout patterns suitable for any design solution in consistency with the 2CM outdoor pavers.


The extraordinary resistance to stress and weathering combined with the expressiveness of a thick material makes 2thick® a suitable product for outdoor architectures and many installation methods.


Designed to simplify the installation phases, 2thick® can be laid with floating method, or dry-lay technique, or traditional laying on screed. Due to its laying versatility 2thick® is the optimum material for countless functional and aesthetic solutions.


  • 🇮🇹   Italian Tile
  • Finishing  Finishing: Matte & Anti-Slip
  • Wall Floor tile  Application: Outdoor
  • Tile Size  Nominal Sizes (in): 16×48, 24×48, 32×32, 24×36
  • Tile Thickness  Nominal Thickness: 20mm

  • Packaging
  •   Box 24x361: 1pc, 5.81ft2, 52lbs
  •   Box 24x482: 1pc, 7.75ft2, 71lbs
  •   Box/Pallet: 48 24x36, 30 24x48
  • 1 Arenite & Heritage
  • 2 Brazilian Slate

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