black stone concrete wall tile floor backsplash shower toronto

Inspired by a mix of stone and concrete aesthetic, Heritage tile collection by Unicom Starker can be characterised by a high compositional versatility. Suitable for different design styles in spaces where the contemporary meets an industrial mood, this tile collection is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as well as other public and private places.


  • 🇮🇹   Italian Tile
  • Finishing  Finishing: Matte
  • Wall Floor tile  Application: Wall & Floor
  • Tile Size  Nominal Sizes (in): 2×2, 3×12, 12×13, 12×24, 24×24, 24×361
  • Tile Thickness  Nominal Thickness: 10mm

1 Available in 2cm for outdoor use

  • Tech Specs 
  •   Colour Variation: V2
  •   Number of Faces: --
  •   Friction Resistance: R10
  •   Abrasion Wear: --
  •   Breaking Strength: 35 N/mm2
  •   Water Absorption: ≤0.5%
  •   Mohs Scale: --
  • Packaging
  •   Box 2x2: 11pc, 11ft2, 39.69lbs
  •   Box 3x12: 40pc, 9.68ft2, 38.3lbs
  •   Box 12x13: 6pc, 6ft2, 29.11lbs
  •   Box 12x24: 6pc, 11.63ft2, 47.12lbs
  •   Box 24x24: 3pc, 11.63ft2, 47.35lbs
  •   Box 24x36: 2pc, 11.63ft2, 48.33lbs
  •   Box/Pallet: 36 2x2 & 12x13, 40 12x24 & 24x24, 48 24x36, 60 3x12


Holten Impex


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