It is in Bath, where our Wells tile series takes its maximum inspiration. Its veins are soft, but with character. A design that offers a wide chromatic range, from the classic Moka colour, which reminds us of roasted coffee, to the brand new and classic Perla colour.


  • 🇪🇸 Spanish Tile
  • Finishing Finishing: Matte & Polished
  • Wall Floor tile Application: Wall & Floor
  • Tile Size Nominal Sizes (in): 2×2, 12×24, 24×48
  • Tile Thickness Nominal Thickness: 10.7mm

  • Tech Specs
  • Colour Variation: --
  • Number of Faces: --
  • Friction Resistance: --
  • Abrasion Wear: --
  • Breaking Strength: ≥35N/mm2
  • Water Absorption: ≤0,5%
  • Mohs Scale: --
  • Packaging
  • Box 2x2: 11sh, 52lbs
  • Box 12x24: 6pc, 11.625ft2, 53lbs
  • Box 24x24: 4pc, 15.5ft2, 68lbs
  • Box 24x48: 2pc, 15.50ft2, 77lbs
  •  Box/Pallet: 48 12x24, 42 2x2, 32 24x48, 30 24x24


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