Servoflex-Trio-Supertec 20kg

Flexible, acrylic polymer, cement-based thin set and medium bed mortar with polymer additive for application layers of up to 25/32″ (20 mm) for interior and exterior installations. Rapid hardening development: can be exposed to final heavy commercial traffic after three days only. Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec is especially formulated to provide full mortar transfer to avoid air entrapments between mortar and covering without the disadvantage of floating bed mortar billowing through joints.

Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec will hold heavy stone, large tiles without sagging. Heated floors can be operational after three days only. Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec is especially suitable for large modular ceramic tile installations, porcelain stoneware and natural stone coverings on limited form stable substrates such as heated screed (please follow the respective regulations and data sheets), in situ concrete (at least 3 months old) and similar. By increasing the water content to approx. 1.8 US gal. (7.0 liters) per bag you yield a pourable floating bed mortar allowing an even installation without air pockets. Thus the back buttering-floating technique does not apply here.

Holten Impex


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