seamless cl03 bathroom shower dark grey hexagon tile concrete cement wall tile floor toronto ontario

Seamless is a contemporary tile collection by Unicom Starker with soft embroideries of lights and shadows. Available in six colours, three warm tones and three cool tones, along with an encaustic inspired décor this collection provides a solid colour tile with an added surface detail.


  • 🇮🇹   Italian Tile
  • Finishing  Finishing: Matte
  • Wall Floor tile  Application: Wall & Floor
  • Tile Size  Nominal Sizes (in): 1×1, 3×3, 8×81, 12×24, 24×24, 32×32
  • Tile Thickness  Nominal Thickness: 10mm

1 Decor pieces only

  • Tech Specs 
  •   Colour Variation: V2
  •   Number of Faces: --
  •   Friction Resistance: R10
  •   Abrasion Wear: --
  •   Breaking Strength: 35 N/mm2
  •   Water Absorption: ≤0.5%
  •   Mohs Scale: --
  • Packaging
  •   Box 1x1: 11pc, 10.65ft2, 43.43lbs
  •   Box 3x3: 6pc, 28lbs
  •   Box 8x81: 24pc, 10.33ft2, 45.90lbs
  •   Box 12x24: 6pc, 11.62ft2, 52.69lbs
  •   Box 24x24: 3pc, 11.62ft2, 52.69lbs
  •   Box 32x32: 2pc, 13.72ft2, 63.27lbs
  •   Box/Pallet: 36 1x1, 40 12x24 & 24x24 & 32x32, 72 8x8*
1 Decor pieces only


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