Natural Slate

natural slate stone wall tile floor brown accent kitchen backsplash canada mosaic

Natural Slate by Unicom Starker is a small tile collection of ceramics in three nuances: winter, autumn, and multicolour. It’s a material of primeval charm yet contemporary deep and intense textures that recall hints of natural elements and moods of far away lands.


  • 🇮🇹   Italian Tile
  • Finishing  Finishing: Matte
  • Wall Floor tile  Application: Wall & Floor
  • Tile Size  Nominal Sizes (in): 1×1, 2×4, 6×6, 8×18, 12×121, 16×241, 18×18
  • Tile Thickness  Nominal Thickness: 10mm


1 Also available in anti-slip finish

1 Winter doesn’t come in 12×12 anti-slip

  • Tech Specs 
  •   Colour Variation: V4
  •   Number of Faces: --
  •   Friction Resistance: R10-R121
  •   Abrasion Wear: --
  •   Breaking Strength: 35 N/mm2
  •   Water Absorption: ≤0.5%
  •   Moh's Scale: ≥6
  • Packaging
  •   Box 1x1: 11pc, 10.65ft2, 43.4lbs
  •   Box 2x4: 11pc, 10.65ft2, 43.4lbs
  •   Box 6x6: 11pc, 10.65ft2, 43.4lbs
  •   Box 8x18: 11pc, 10.65ft2, 43.4lbs
  •   Box 12x121: 5pc, 10ft2, 46.3lbs
  •   Box 16x241: 6pc, 11.62ft2, 56lbs
  •   Box 18x18: 6pc, 11.62ft2, 63.27lbs
  •   Box/Pallet: 48 12x121 & 16x241 & 18x18, 54 1x1, 60 6x6
1 Anti-slip finish


Holten Impex


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