MP90 Eco Plus 250ML-5L


Natural finish stain-proofing sealant. The best environmentally-friendly stain protection for porcelain tiles, natural stone, marble and granite with polished, brushed and matt honed finishes. Reduces absorption without affecting the material’s natural look. Impregnates, protects, and makes cleaning easier. It is also ideal for grouting joints, ceramic and crackle effect surfaces, grit, resin-marble, and stone slabs. Is also suitable for treating coloured cement tiles and reconstructed stones. Scratch resistant: by protecting the surface, scratches can be removed easily during the cleaning process.

FILAMP90 ECO PLUS has extremely low VOC emissions. Hydrocarbon solvent free: environmentally-friendly treatment. FILAMP90 ECO PLUS withstands residual humidity and can therefore be applied 24-48 hours after the initial wash. Single-coat application: apply and rub in gently until completely absorbed. FILAMP90 ECO PLUS does not form surface film and does not yellow. Great for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops; product certified food-safe. The surface can be walked on after just 4 hours.

Holten Impex


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