Minipiuma Cutters & Parts

tile score cutter with Holten Impex Toronto Ontario Canada

Minipiuma Tile Score Cutters & Parts


  • ­čç«­čç╣ Italian products
  • 01 Whats in the What’s in the box: 1x cutter
  • 02 Material┬áPorcelain, ceramics, glass
  • Tile Thickness┬áThickness: ÔëĄ3/4″

Art. 90┬░ 45┬░ KG
26P 14" 10x10" 3.2
26PBox 14" 10x10" 3.2
43P 18" 12x12" 3.7
43PBox 18" 12x12" 3.7

Holten Impex


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