Bakit EK 17kg

Solvent-, silicon- and isocyanate-free ready to use one-component adhesive for elastic installation of different wood floorings, e.g. solid and engineered wood flooring, prefinished wood flooring in a variety of thicknesses as parquet, plank or strip. Suitable for installation on cement-based screed, Calcium sulfate -based screed, asphalt mastic screed, wood chipboards and substrates prepared with suitable Kiesel leveling compounds. BAKIT EK bridges cracks with engineered wood, cures to elastic bond layer. Easy handling and spreading.

Suitable for various types of parquet/wood flooring; as mosaic parquet, engineered wood from 16mm thickness with tongue and groove, industrial parquet 10-23 mm, wood block RE (DIN 68 702) with a max. height of 50 mm, prefinished 2-, 3- and multi-layered in boards and planks, solid wood flooring from 15 mm thick (thickness to width ratio max 1:10) up to a length of 270 cm. Bamboo flooring (except Stranded Bamboo). Solid wood must be straight and flat. Strip flooring, shorts and planks. Existing stone, ceramic and terrazzo must be combined with Okapox GF/and silica sand spread (please note that in this case the adhesive consumption will increase).

Holten Impex


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