Ceramic tile and its relevance in post pandemic construction

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It is close to a year since the pandemic struck us. Millions have died since then and millions are suffering. Lockdowns, curfews and stay at home orders have been the norm to reduce the spread. The vulnerable segment of the population are the maximum sufferers. The sick, the ailing and the seniors. High number of deaths have been in long term care homes or senior residences People are working from home and shunning the office. Events that draw large gatherings have been cancelled. Interior space that encourages large crowds have been closed.

The role of tiles in green recovery

All is not doom and gloom. The arrival of vaccines has been a big boom. We are able to see to light at the end of the tunnel. People at large are willing to rough it out for a few months before normalcy returns.  Governments are talking of recovery and preparing to rebuild the economy. But there is caution in the air. This time around they want to be much more responsible. Green Recovery is the buzz word. Renewed thinking and redesign of interior spaces are gaining traction. To walk us through an effective recovery using design , let me welcome Carlos Goncalves, Associate-senior designer at one of the leading architectural and design firms; Norr.

Ceramic Tile and its relevance in post pandemic construction

Table of Contents:

  1. Did design of a space in any shape of form contribute to the spread of the virus? What is Ditra and how is it used in tile installation?
  2. Finishes form a major part of the design that not only add aesthetics to the space but also functionality? Do you think they played a role in the spread?
  3. Thoughts on “anti microbial surfaces” claimed by various manufacturers of finishes.
  4. Comments on green Recovery and sustainability seem to be the buzz words for recovery.
  5. When do you look at ceramic or porcelain tiles in your design concept?
  6. What features would you look for when you choose a ceramic or porcelain tile?
  7. Do you think ceramics use in interior space can aid in providing a healthy and safe environment?
  8. Would sustainable aspects of ceramic tile  influence your choice of ceramic tile in interior space? If so, why?

Listen to the Podcast below or on Podbean.

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