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It could be just a beginning of our relationship but our past as well as the future are now part of your story. 

Part of your story

It began over half a century ago in Holland where Ton Holten was perfecting logistics of the European tile manufacturers. This remains at the core of our business today setting us apart in the industry.

European tile

It was then when Ton first established key partnerships with the European manufacturers.

Upholding relations

Several decades and dozens of international projects later, we pride ourselves for upholding our relations with manufacturers and retail dealers like you! We support our partners and invest heavily in their success because we believe that together we can achieve greatness!

Born into it

Born and raised in the family business, Dave Holten learned about the operations of the tile distribution industry early on in life as he followed in his father’s footsteps.

Serving our clients

Now the president of the company, he continues to value the partnerships started decades ago and never shies away from hard work. He still loves to load and drive the truck to deliver material to our retail dealers like you.

Family legacy

All of our operations, distribution and commercial sales managers have been with the company for decades and deeply care about customer relations. We’re not interested in cutting corners and making a quick buck. We’re in it for the long haul and unlike faceless corporations, we put our family name on the line.

Holten Impex


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